Dear Seekers,

I’m Anand Swamy and thanks for checking out my blog. Spirituality, Philosophy, and Personal Development are important to me.

My life is my message – Gandhi

Why Findingswamy.com?

A Swamy is referred to as teacher of the monastic order in India. Swamy also happens to be my last name. Today in the West, Swamy is referred to as a teacher or expert in a field.

My blog is poised to share valuable information and insights to help you find your own inner swamy (teacher).  The teacher in you is yearning to understand the world without all the dogma we have come to believe.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

All of what I have learned thus far has only been possible because I was open the idea of evolving myself.

I’m not one to follow anyone for the sake of it. Everything I share is 100% authentic to me.

What’s in it for you?

Spirituality in its most primordial definition means uncovering the depths within you that is separate from the continuous movement of thinking.

I spend a lot of time contemplating life. What moves us, what makes us love, what makes us fearful, sad and angry… I’m curious on how I can make this short journey fulfilling and how best I can help others.

I do this by writing. My articles will give you a healthy point of view on life. I really don’t know what will come of this blog, but I do know that I have desire to help others walk through this life with as little suffering as possible.

A quick and funny story I made up to tell my friends and family members that think I’m deep and spiritual. 

One day an optimist, pessimist, and a spiritual master go outside to look at the cloudy sky. 

The optimist looks up and smiles at the clouds and says, “I know we have clouds today, but the sun will surely come out and shed her light on us. What a joy it is to look forward to the brighter things in life.” The optimist is in a great mood. 

The pessimist looks up at the clouds and says, ” I bet it’s gonna rain today. Clouds are always a sign of rainfall. There will be plenty of bad drivers on the highway today and accidents are imminent.  I hate the rain.” Just by looking at the pessimists body language of drooped shoulders you can tell he’s not that happy. 

The optimist and pessimist both look at the spiritual master eagerly awaiting his reply to the clouds.

The spiritual master looks at the clouds for a few minutes. He gazes at the grey clouds intently and is transfixed in its unearthly viscosity. He finally looks at the others and says, “There are clouds in the sky,” and goes inside. 

Moral of the story is simple. You look at life and all its beauty for what it is and that’s it. There is very little analyzing going on.

When you are present and in the moment, thoughts are non-existent, instead feelings of euphoria and love are omnipresent. If you can live your life this way, even 10% of the day, then you can experience this type of bliss.

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Written with Love by Anand Swamy


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