Compassionate Listening

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then I am confident you have a healthy sense of self-awareness. Not because I know more than you or anything like that, but because you take the time to contemplate a dimension of life that is deeper than the empirical senses. Beyond the veil of what we see, smell, touch, taste and hear there is another element to existence that can only be encapsulated through a higher sense.  Continue reading “Compassionate Listening”

This too shall pass

A Beautiful Morning

I live on 24th avenue in the Richmond District in San Francisco, CA. I’m usually up at 5am. I make my bed, brush my teeth, put on some sweats and head downstairs en-route to the gym.

On the way I see Kevin – owner of a coffee shop I frequent to read, write and people watch. Then I see Victor setting up one of the two neighborhood grocery stores within two hundred steps from my place. I’ve gotten to know both grocery stores so well that I know their strengths in produce. It’s gotten to the point that I will only buy white onions from Victor and red onions from Eduardo.

I walk through California st. and proceed towards 28th avenue where I park my car. On the way I glance at the Golden Gate Bridge. I smell the morning dew as the fresh sea air clears my lungs of any sleep ingested debris. I waive to the Mexican workers who are set to perform landscaping and construction work on the homes of the well to do.

Mornings like this are common and peaceful. It has become a part of my day that I take much joy in.


As of late my heart has been filled with much confusion…mainly due to our current politics.

I’m not a liberal or a conservative. I dislike the term moderate as well. My beliefs on politics are the same as my belief in thunderstorms – in that they are temporary.

I listen to what speaks true to my heart. I listen to what is kind. I listen and take in information without emotion – for it’s without emotion that I can think clearly, logically, rationally, and with love.

I still don’t understand this feeling of confusion but I have been patient with it because like all things – this too shall pass.

Gratitude in Times of Confusion

I am thankful for the opportunity to write. I hope you find something that you are grateful for in your times of confusion.

Like me, I hope you will turn that confusion into something wonderful.

Written with Love,