The Floods of Our Life

This morning my step-mother and I watched the aftermath of the floods in Houston. So many lost, hurt, displaced and even dead because of natures wrath.

It’s a stark and meek reminder that natural disasters bring out our vulnerabilities without permission.

I don’t know if good thoughts transcend to others but I will continue to send them to those affected by this tragedy because what else can I do.

My step-mother started telling me stories of hurricanes in Fiji. They have happened so many times that she has gotten used to them.

Her experiences are similar to many Fijians. Most have proper flood emergency protocols down in memory. She said the hurricanes don’t necessarily pose hardships these days but instead become a nuisance that simply needs to be dealt with.

I have attempted to take her stories and see what lesson I could extrapolate from it.


The hardships in our life are the floods. The more floods we get the more experiences we have to deal with them. Makes sense.

If this is true, then the hardships are good.

I have been following this advice in my own life. I have been chasing hardships. The pleasure in pain has become more enticing than the pleasure that comes from pleasure.

Some examples

    • I take cold showers. When I first started it was unbearable, but through time it’s gotten easier. It’s helped me become creative, attentive, alert, resilient in the face of adversity and in awe of this thing called life
    • I fast 16-20 hours everyday. By putting myself in a state of hunger, the mind is more alert and seeking nourishment. It’s the closest thing that I have practiced that allows me to connect with my primal ancestors. It also has some scientific benefits. My body has become a vehicle that is burning fat instead of short term sugar storage. It’s amazing how little food the body needs to run efficiently
    • Drugs/Alcohol – The occasional joint and cold glass of beer still grace the lungs and pallet, but I’m slowly departing from these mind-altering substances. I’ve tried almost every drug under the sun, but none have left me more happy, challenged and at peace than meditation………and avocados
    • I’ve given away the material things that mean the most to me.Everything material has molecules. The less molecules you acquire, the more space you have. This space allows for clarity and the expansion of conciseness

The people of Houston will come out stronger, more resourceful and united. In a really fucked up way I’m a little jealous.

Tough times bring out the best in people. It brings out the truth and the essence of who we are.

I urge you to think about the things that are hard in our life. Do you negate or face them?

When it’s a flood you have no choice but to act. Take this same urgency and act now.

The things that cause us hardship is usually what makes us stronger when confronted.

Fear carries a mighty roar from a distance, but when faced, it is silenced as if it never existed.

Written with Love,
Anand Swamy