Morning Rituals – 5 Easy Steps

Morning Rituals – Get your day started right!

The deeper I get into meditation, spirituality, and the metaphysical world, the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer speak louder to my soul.

He once said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience.” Today I wanted to share with you 5 things I do in the morning that allows me to live a happy and fulfilling life.

All the things listed below is a result of things that I have practiced over and over again and it has now become a routine.

Morning Inspiration explained – 5 easy steps

1. Practice Gratitude – Many of us have heard this time and time again, but how many of you actually practice gratitude. I have a physical list of everything I am thankful for and I will look at it every morning. Try writing a list when time permits, it puts things into perceptive. No matter where we are in life, when we actually take the time to be thankful for what we have, we bring about an unforeseen and unrepresented type of peace, resolve, happiness, and love.

2. Live today as if tomorrow will never come – It’s hard for some to fathom the reality of death. I get it, it’s scary to come to the complete awareness and understanding that we can actually die and perish from the earth at any given time. I look at this as bliss. Not knowing when our time will come to leave is all the reason to start living right now.  Be neutral in your endeavors, and be kind to all that cross your path, and to those that are not, forgive and let go, because your energy is better suited in other areas. Most of our lives are ordinary, but what can you do it make it EXTRAORDINARY? Today will never come again, so see how you can make an impact. A smile to a stranger, a call to a loved one and friendly note to someone goes far.

3. Ask the universe to “use me as your vehicle”- As humans we have the ability to sympathize, conceptualize, contemplate, think consciously and practice compassion. Unlike other animals we have this ability. If we choose to, we can see the interdependence in the world. I ask the universe to use me. Use me as a vehicle for good. How can I best live my life today and by giving to others? When you ask the universe to use you, you are creating purpose, and meaning in your life.

4. Meditate – There have been countless studies on meditation and the benefits it has. Meditation has become a time that I am giving to myself unencumbered from outside forces. From the moment we wake up, we are giving to our families, our friends, our careers, and communities. When was the last time you actually had some time for yourself? Meditation does just this. It allows you time to think in a space of clarity.

5. Mirrored Affirmations – I first heard about this when I read the book, You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. She advised us to look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.” It can be difficult for some people to do this, and to be honest it was a little weird when I first tried it, but it’s not so bad now, and I find myself not only accepting myself, but also embracing who I am as a person, and it feels wonderful. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. These are 5 things I do in the morning before I leave my room to wash up. It has helped me so much in the way I see myself and this world. I hope it will give you as much as it has given me.

I sincerely hope some of these morning rituals will help your day get off to a powerful start! If you would like, Please subscribe to my blog here so you never miss a post.

Best Regards,

Anand Swamy